Using an Existing Domain

Using an Existing Domain

By Loxly

24 November 20211.17 min read

This page will help you add the DNS records you need to point your own custom domain name to your Loxly website.

Adding the DNS Records

To point your existing domain to your Loxly site, you need to add the following two records to the DNS settings of your domain


What Do the Records Mean?

The first record is a CNAME that is used to verify your domain in order to provision an SSL certificate for your site. Without this our SSL certificate provider (AWS) will not be able to verify that you own the domain and you will not be able to visit the https:// version of your site

The second record is an ALIAS record. This is the DNS record that will point the root of your domain to your Loxly website. Your DNS provider should have an option for "ALIAS" when adding a new DNS entry. Please note that in order to add the ALIAS record there cannot already be an A or AAAA record on the bare domain (@). You will need to remove any A records on the root (@) before adding this ALIAS.

How Long Will It Take?

It can take up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide, although it typically takes a few hours once you enter the DNS records above. If you are still having issues please contact ([]

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