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D.S. Fisichella

Author of Young Adult Christian Novel, “Dreamer.” Writer of Daydreams ☁️

“Dreamer is a deeply moving debut novel from a talented writer we will be hearing from again in the future. From the first page, we are pulled into a world that is relatable to society today are have the trials of well developed characters laid out for us through an engaging narrative. You will be laughing, moved to tears and made to examine your life in a different way. This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to see how God can move through the cracks of our lives and help us understand more deeply how we can help others in coming to know Him. A five star debut you need to pick up today! Patrick” - Patrick Lewis- A Guy And His Bible Podcast

I'm D.S. Fisichella

Author, homemaker, dreamer and a friend to many; seeking to help others towards hope and truth. When I first moved to the town of Pinellas Park, Florida from Costa Rica, I didn't know how to speak English. Call it luck or call it skill, by the fourth grade I could speak fluently and was able to write my first poem, for the first time discovering my love for writing. Ever since, I've used this outlet to cope, to express, and to create. It is my belief that God gave me writing as a gift. It seems only fitting that I would use it to honor and glorify Him! I first set out on my journey to write Dreamer when I was pregnant, jobless, and (quite frankly) sick of watching Netflix. One afternoon I was watching an especially cheesy Christian movie when I thought to myself, 'Even I could write a better story than this!' At which time I felt the Holy Spirit challenge, 'Then do it!' That for me marked the beginning of a long, at times seemingly hopeless, but overall amazing and rewarding experience!