Automatic Link Page Styling

Loxly is a links page tool that looks like a website

With Loxly's simple builder you add your links, images, social media profiles, anything you like. But instead of just displaying them on a boring list - our super smart website generator will turn them into a mobile-friendly website.

You can manage your links from your mobile just like with any other links page tool and Loxly will keep your website looking spectacular.

Simple, fast and intuitive

Loxly makes it easy to rearrange the links on your page to put your most important information right where it belongs!

Easily add items to your page

Add links to your page in just a couple of taps, Loxly will take care of all the styling for you so no matter what you add you can be sure it will look good

Choose different link styles

With different styles to choose from you can build up a full website from your links.

Try it Out Now

Loxly reads the links, images and theme from your existing link-in-bio page and uses them to generate a complete website! Try it out by entering your current page url below. Supports Linktree, Lnk.Bio and Campsite pages.

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